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I am a: Woman

Looking for a: Man

First name: Jazzforyi

Age: 26 (06-24-1991)

City/Town: Clifton

Postal Code: 07014

Country: United States  United States

Join Date: 2 months ago.

Last Activity: 2 months ago.

Views: 33

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I am fun, easy-going, energetic girl, who is dreaming about family and love. I am looking for on this dating online thing Maybe a friend or something more than that..and if you are willing about meeting then i am cool..I love outdoor fun...
I hope to hear from you soon and i promise to sen you a quick reponse..
you can text me here-> (816) 321-8497
(Eight,One,Six)Three,Two - One,Eight,Four,Nine,Seven.
G'MALE - jasminedelanceyAtgmail[removed]
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